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Tune in to Episode 92 of Podcast for Teachers for the Announcement of the winners of our 2nd annual contest.

Read more about the awards below.


   Professional    Development

Science Teaching Tips

Stephanie Chasteen, Ph. D.
Exploratorium Teacher Institute

"I'm a physicist at the Exploratorium museum of science and was once an NPR intern. Because audio is intimate and immediate, I love using it to bring information to people. Podcasting lets me do this without being at NPR."

Podcast Link:

Stephanie Chasteen




Mrs. Horton's School of Advanced Art

Anita Horton
Trinity Christian Academy

With the help of many creative and talented friends, I dreamed up a "paperless homework" curriculum, incorporating various podcasts, for my high school students that would allow them to express themselves creatively and learn about technology simultaneously.

Podcast (feed) Link:

Anita Horton

   Overall    Educational    Podcast -
   Higher    Education



"A tasty mix of academic chit-chat from the ANU's students and staff"

Producer: Megan Poore, Teacher,
Co-host: Darien Williams

Academic Skills and Learning Centre
Australian National University

"Meg and Daz podcast SkillSoup for the Academic Skills and Learning Centre at the Australian National University. Our podcasting keywords are access, community, relevance, and extension. Jump in the bowl! "

Podcast Link:

Megan Poore & Darien Williams

June 2007 concludes the 2nd year of the Podcast for Teachers (PFT) Best Education Podcast Awards!

We are pleased to announce 3 extraordinary winners: one in each of the categories as listed above. This year the winners' school/institution receive a cash award of $100 to be used towards the project, a signed award certificate for display, assorted items compliments of PFT and Fordham University RETC and are highlighted in Episode 92 and may be interviewed over the coming months in the podcast.

Thank you for all the excellent entries that were received and congratulations to our winners, we look forward to seeing this emerging field continue to advance teaching and learning in un foretold ways in the coming years.

Full details and information about the contest can be found at http://www.podcastforteachers.org/PFTbestpodcastawards.html

The 3rd annual contest will commence in the fall of 2007 and end May 1, 2008. Be sure to check out the winning podcast of 2006 & 2007 to get ideas on how you can impact education through your podcasting innovations and be ready to submit your entry!

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