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"Changing Lives, Learning and Technology with the RETC"

Sample Topics Include:

Mobile Learning

Distance, Blended or Hybrid Learning
Podcasting:    How To, Best Practices, Curriculum Integration & Educational Applications

Transformative Learning

Lifelong Learning
Innovation in Educational
Design and Delivery

Educational Technology

Professional Development

Professional Learning on Demand
Special Topics:
-- Robotics in the Classroom

-- Transforming School Cultures through Technology Learning

-- Laptop Computing in Schools (One to One Computing)

Using Data: Online Surveys,
Needs Assessments, Participant Responses, Analysis,

Customized topics based
on needs and timeframe.

 About Fordham's RETC

The Regional Educational Technology Center (RETC) of Fordham University serves and researches professional development and lifelong learning needs of educators and other adults. We serve over 2500 learners through our direct programs each year, and through our expanded web-based services we will serve over 60000 participants in 2005-2006 alone.

The center’s award-winning programs serve learners across grade levels and contexts, providing in-class and distance learning opportunities. These efforts include K-12, adult education, professional and higher education settings. For the most current information visit the RETC website,, view the e-newsletter (RETC E-News).

Podcast for Teachers SM Live from the Bronx ! More Ed Tech you Can Use Today and Tomorrow!  Fordham University 's Regional Educational Technology Center (RETC) in New York City provides lively conversations about technology and education with leaders in the field. Ed tech expert, Mark Gura and professor and RETC Director, Dr. Kathy King, bring the latest resources, updates, interviews and commentary on technology innovations’ meaning for our teachers, students and communities. From software applications, to intimate conversations with notable and experienced educators, ed techies, and authors, this is not your typical podcast!

Adventures in Transformative Learning Podcast  SM Personal... Powerful... Portable coping with change and learning in adults' lives today......
Stories, resources, interviews, strategies and ties for coping and learning are included in this series of podcasts and life in adulthood. 

Dr. Barbara Heuer, adult education specialist  and visiting professor at Fordham University and author, professor and RETC Director, Dr. Kathy King are the series co-hosts for this new experience in thinking about learning and change in the lives of adults. Together they provide timely, relevant and always informative conversations, interviews and resources about transformative learning- its meaning for adults in a busy world, for trainers, teachers and educators of all ages.

Join in Adventures in Transformative Learning's SM discussion... listen in....  to the discussions and become part of this growing community. This podcast is developed, produced and hosted by Fordham University's Regional Educational Technology Center (RETC) and its successful, innovative Podcast for TeachersSM series in New York City. 


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