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K-12 Education

Student/Class Podcast

Small Voices podcast

Kindergarten Class

Georgia, USA

Student/Class Podcast Room 613 Talk
Mike Hetherington
Horace w. Porter School
Columbia, CT
Student/Class Podcast

Radio Willow Web
Willowdale Elementary School
Omaha, Nebraska

Student/Class Podcast Byron Community Primary School
Byron Bay,
New South Wales, Australia
Starfish Class (Yr3/4)
Ace Kids: Podcasting with Class
Student/Class Podcast Sandaig Primary School
Glasgow, Scotland
Radio Sandaig Podcasts
Student/Class Podcast

Mrs. Gamache's KinderPlayers Podcast

Kindergarten Class

Student/Class Podcast King Elementary School
Deer River, MN 56636
King Kasts
Student/Class Podcast The Downs CE Primary School
United Kingdom
Downs FM
Student/Class Podcast

Room 208 - Bob Sprankle
Wells Elementary School
Wells, Maine

K-12 Teachers' Professional Development Podcast RETC Fordham University,
Podcast for Teachers, Bronx, NY
School Music Podcasts
Variety of students, teachers and school band leaders
 Middle School Band: http://www.cliftonband.com/blog
World Bridges  http://www.worldbridges.org
On the Podium: http://www.webcastacademy.net
John Blake's Students' Podcasts
John Blake's Classes
Ira Kradkow's Legal Podcasts
Ira Kradkow
Constitution law cases- podcast and blog  high school level, law students and law professors
podcast   http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheUnitedStatesConstitution/


Adult Education

Adventures in Transformative Learning
Fordham University Adult Education Professors and RETC
 Podcast about adult learning and adult development  from Fordham University
NYACCE Community Podcast
NYACCE and Fordham RETC, Fordham Adult Education, Bronx NY
 Podcast about New York State's adult learners, adult learning programs and events - developed and produced by Fordham University's RETC
 ESL Podcast  Dr. Jeff  McQuillan Actual elementary lessons- a huge global following

 Podcasts Useful as Instructional Content 
iLearn Radio
Entire line up of educational podcasts streamed as a Internet Radio station

ilearn radio
Peter Yanke and Dr. Kathy King are creators of the station


http://www.ilearnradio.org -
to listen just go the website and click- you will hear them play
Podcasts featured included daily include
  • Japanese Language Learning
  • In the Eyes of the Law (legal education)
  • Podcast for Teachers
  • German Language Learning
  • Disability 411- learning about disability resources
  • On the Wing- learning about bird watching
  • Views from the Coop- Tech learning
  • Financial Aid Podcast
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • Dan's Mathcast
  • Mandarin Chinese Language Learning
  • Guitar Lick of the Week (learn guitar)
  • Microbe World Science
  • ESL Podcast
  • Archie ESL Comics Podcast
  • And many more
 ESL Podcast
 Dr. Jeff  McQuillan  Actual elementary lessons- a huge global following
The French Podcast
Sebastien ( a young man studying to become a teacher)
Simple conversational french practice- new, very popular
Librivox Audiobooks
Librivox Worldwide Volunteers
Audio Books in the public domain
you can join the project and read books aloud

TOEFL Podcast
Dr. Jeff  McQuillan
PFT Community Podcast
Fordham University Adult Education Professors and RETC, Bronx, NY
Learningtimes.org Online Learning Community Learningtimes Look at the Media Library for content to use with your classes!!!
http://www.learningtimes.org (free membership)
Podcast for Teachers Links, Podcasts and Resources
 Fordham RETC Links to ALL resources mentioned in all Podcast for Teachers Episodes
Scores of resources and materials here- many are additional podcasts


Higher Education 
Podcast for Professors
 Fordham RETC Faculty development and learning about technology for professors: news, tech tiops, research and interviews
NCQ Talk

Discussion of Intersection technology, teaching and learning
Learningtimes.org Online Learning Community
http://www.learningtimes.org (free membership)
Ira Kradkow's Legal Podcasts
Ira Kradkow
US Constitution law cases- podcast and blog  high school level, law students and law professors
podcast   http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheUnitedStatesConstitution/

 Class or Lecture Recording  

Who's Writing, Talking, Podcasting...
                   about Podcasting in Education?

Who? What? Where?
Educational Weblogs
Blog discussion on "Podcasting for Education"


 Dr. Kathy King article in
Podcasting Central Magazine

 Article: Learning on Demand

Leesa Barnes About Dr. Kathy King

Top 10 Savvy Women in Podcasting 11/06

Poducation- Dr. Kathy King


Dr. Kathy King and Mark Gura
of Fordham University RETC

 Article:  Podcasting as Professional Development

 King and Gura Ezine TechLearning Article
 Marina Leight, Jonathan Finkelstein, Mark Gura, Dr. Kathy King,
Joel Heffner, Irwin Kroot

 Panel about Podcasting
in Education
at Conference- LIVE PODCAST
Tech 2GO V  (Audio podcast)

April 1, 2006  Event!
Live podcast/panelcast recording in Bronx, NY


Fordham Univ., NYC-Wide Ed Tech Conference: Tech 2 Go V 2006

 Madeline Fix, Professor Kathleen P. King, and Dorian Davis at Baruch College Session  Panel about Podcasting
Baruch College
(Video streaming recording)
 April 7, 2006, Baruch College, CUNY, New York City 
Roundtable discussion on the topic of podcasting for educational purposes: Related hardware, software and copyright, teaching and learning issues.

Dr. Kathy King article in
Podcasting Central Magazine
  Article: Learning on Demand
June 2006
Audio:   http://www.podcastforteachers.org/elibrary/#001_ MeetthePodcastingNetwork.mp3
Text: http://www.podcastforteachers.org/elibraryKPKinPodcasterCentral_001.pdf

 King and Heuer
Article about adult learning and podcasting
 Transformative learning 24/7 and in your pocket!  Perspectives the New York Journal of Adult Learning October 2006
King and Heuer
Article about how to find and use podcasts in education Live from the Great State of New York! Perspectives the New York Journal of Adult Learning May 2006
Mark Gura
Instructional possibilities beyond lectures with podcasting
Perspectives the New York Journal of Adult Learning May 2006


Who's Writing, Talking, Podcasting...
about Podcasting Issues from the PFT Team?

Who? What? Where?
Dr. Kathy King article Why Use Podcasting in Higher Education - Nov 2006

Bx Radio Writer's Section

Why Use Podcasting in Higher Education?


Dr. Kathy King article
Global Learning Insights  - Aug 2006
Bx Radio Writer's Section
Raven Spirit Guide – Thinking, global transformation and learning
Dr. Kathy King Interview
 Podcast Interview Guest Spot

Kathy King interview by Rob Walch on Podcast411.com
Dr. Kathy King article
Podcasting 1
 July 2006
Bx Radio Writer's Section
Scorecard: Podcasting 1: Boredom 0 Podcasting as Learning: Power to Change, to Risk or Not To Risk
 Dr. Kathy King was invited as a guest on this show as she is conducting research on the topic of


and exploring a researach project

with this inventor  - -

Greg Bright

Ergonomic Issues with Laptops  - June 2006


An Interview with Greg Bright of Keynamics -

the Inventor of the Aviator Laptop Stand - Episode 26

Views from the Coop with the 2 Smart Chix

We had a great show this week. Kristi and I were tickled to have Greg Bright of Keynamics in Austin, Texas with us to discuss ergonomics in the computer workstation environment and to tell us about some of the Keynamics products that help promote proper positioning, specifically as they relate to using a laptop. The original laptop stand that Greg created, the eWheelie, was created for laptop users that primarily used their laptop at a single location for long periods of time. Unlike the eWheelie, the Aviator was specifically developed by Greg and a co-inventor, Ken Jones of Integrated Molding Solutions in Houston, Texas, to be portable. Greg, an experienced road warrior who has carried a laptop with him for over 10 years, became interested in the field of ergonomics when he started noticing that he was starting to experience discomfort at the end of a week of laptop use at his desk. His interest and expertise in ergonomics has increased over the years and along with it, Keynamics has introduced ergonomically sound products ranging from office chairs to headsets.

Dr. Kathy King of Podcast for Teachers at Fordham University in New York City was also on hand to discuss an ergonomics project on which she and Greg are currently working together. As laptops become more and more popular in schools across the nation from kindergarten to college, the need for proper ergonomics is a subject that has not been receiving the attention it deserves. Dr. King and Greg Bright are pursuing funding to research the benefits of ergonomics in education, especially younger children who may be growing up using laptops as part of their everyday activities.

We had a great time and also welcomed several new guests to the show......... From Paige and Kristi....

Dr. Kathy King article
Technology Issues  - June 2006

Bx Radio Writer's Section " Access and Equity Issues with Technology"

Dr. Kathy King article in
Podcasting Central Magazine
 Article: Learning on Demand
June 2006

Audio: http://www.podcastforteachers.org/elibrary/pcmag03kpk.mp3

Text:  being published soon!

Peter Yanke of
Cool Cast Radio  


Dr. Kathy King 

of Podcast for Teachers

Fordham University

were guests

Net Neutrality Issue Discussion
May 2006
Views from the Coop with the 2 Smart Chix

Where Do YOU Stand on Net Neutrality? - Episode 24

Just what IS Net Netrality and why does it matter to you? If you're an Internet user (and you are because you're reading this blog), then you don't want anyone to be able to control what you access over the Internet, right? You don't want your ISP to decide which sites are appropriate for you to view or limit your ability to download audio or video, right? Your ISP doesn't want to do that either. The rub is that the telecommunications carriers (like AT&T or Verizon) who provide your ISP with access to the Internet want to be able to exercise THEIR First Amendment rights not to be forced to carry other folk's speech if they don't want to and want to be able to charge according to bandwidth useage. It's like the way you pay for your cable TV or cellphone. The more channels you have or the more minutes you use, the more you pay. The telecoms believe that regulations requiring them to treat all data transmissions the same way (in order NOT to discriminate against content and service providers) will curtail future innovations that will improve and enhance the Internet because they will NOT BE ABLE TO INCREASE THEIR PROFITS SUFFICIENTLY IN ORDER TO PAY FOR THOSE THINGS....and we all know how badly the telecoms need to increase their profits, right? Anyway, that's what I get out of it.

Notes from Paige Eissinger and Kristi- of 2 Smart Chix, Views from the Coop

Dr. Kathy King article
Podcasting as Learning  - May 2006
Bx Radio Writer's Section
Dr. Kathy King interview
Podcast Expo   -  April 2006
International Podcasting Expo
Dr. Kathy King article in
Podcasting Central Magazine
Article: Learning on Demand
April 2006

http://www.podcastforteachers.org/elibrary/001_ MeetthePodcastingNetwork.mp3
Text: http://www.podcastforteachers.org/elibrary/KPKinPodcasterCentral_001.pdf