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Winners Announced in PFT Episode 92 --- Winners Announced in PFT Episode 92

2nd Annual Best Educational Podcast Awards 2006-2007

Get Ready for Year 3!

Best Educational Podcast Awards

Fordham University's RETC Center for Professional Development

What Does It Recognize?

The "best" podcasts will be selected by a committee of expert judges who will evaluate entries by the criteria of:

creativity, efficacy, and practicality

The winning entries in the Fordham RETC/PFT Best Educational Podcasts competition will be characterized by including, but not be limited to:

  • addressing educational objectives (efficacy)
  • understanding and addressing their audience (efficacy)
  • demonstrating creativity in instructional and digital media (creativity)
  • being of a form this is replicable for other teachers, schools, students, faculty and colleges (practicality)


What Are the 5 Awards?
The awards will be made in the following 5 categories.

I. Best Overall Educational Podcast - pre K - 12 Level

II. Best Overall Educational Podcast - High Education Level

III. Best Teacher Podcast

IV. Best Student Project Podcast

V. Best Professional Development Podcast


The First Place recipient in each category will receive $100* and will be featured in an interview on PFT.

To enter simply send an email with an MP3 file of your podcast attached or include a link to your podcast feed in the message.

  • In the body of the email write: "Entry - Fordham PFT/RETC Best Educational Podcast Awards" and
  • give the name of the student, class, school, or teacher who produced the podcast.
  • State the category for which you are applying as well as the name, address, email and/or website of the school or institution.
  • In the "Subject" field of the email also write: "Entry - Fordham PFTRETC Best Educational Podcast Awards".
  • Be certain to name a contact person and all contact information in order to be informed in the event that your podcast is a winner...
  • Good Luck!


  • Deadline- all submission entries must be completely submitted by May 1, 2007 to gura@fordham.edu.
  • There will be no extensions.
  • It is the responsibility of the contest entrants to provide all required materials- neither RETC nor PFT will request additional missing information from the entrants.
Details about the prize

* The $100 prize will be awarded for the exclusive purpose of purchasing items or services to further the winner's work in Podcasting or a related Educational Technology area. The item(s) purchased are to remain property of the school or educational institution in which the winner studied or taught during the 2006-2007 school year. In the event that the winner changes institutions after the contest period, the prize is to remain in the institution of affiliation for 2006-2007 unless the express permission to transfer it to a new institution is given by the principal, dean, or head supervisor of the original institution. Further clarification may be requested from Fordham RETC if necessary.

Email contest questions to: Mark Gura gura@fordham.edu


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