Trends in Educational Technology for Modern Teaching

Since the emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic, there has been a rise in Technology. There were new teaching methods for educational Technology because many schools were closed and lockdowns imposed in various counties across the world due to Covid 19 pandemic. Before COVID 19, people learned how to use the machine, data processing. But in 2020, due to COVID 19, the mode of teaching has drastically changed.

There following are top trends in educational Technology that a teacher should consider and choose when teaching and training students.

Using social media learning

Social media learning is one of the recent trends in educational Technology. Many students across the world spend much time on social media. Therefore, it is wise for a trainer/teacher to utilize it and turn it into a learning tool. Many institutions during this COVID 19 pandemic have turned social media into a communication platform where students interact easily with others and with school administration.

In addition, many schools have also turned social media into a platform where they conduct educational Technology research and development by engaging in an online survey, and so on.

Also, many institutions allow students to discuss in groups and share comments through social media platforms. As one of the teaching methods for educational Technology, teachers can also record a lecture and posts them on a YouTube account for the students to watch and listen.


Gamification involves engaging students in classroom games to make them psyched up. It is one of the innovative classroom methods where students are actively engaged in gaming activities. Gamification helps students to create a positive environment for learning.

Gamification is the best teaching methods for educational Technology, especially when teaching young kids of twelve years and below. They find it enjoyable and make them active. I involve competitions and learning other new games. Gamification is also important for higher institutions as it breaks the monotony of continuous learning.

Video-aided learning

Using videos to aid you while teaching students is one of the recent educational technology trends that teachers and trainers have utilized. This trend has been used extensively in distance learning. Videos such as animations, cartoons help students to learn comprehensively. It is a way of improving students’ performance as well as reducing the workloads of teachers.

The use e-Learning

eLearning became the most used teaching method for educational Technology during 2020 where there was a rapid spread of COVID 19. Teachers and trainers used distance learning when students were at home due to lockdowns imposed by various governments to contain the spread of the virus.

eLearning delivers content to students electronically through laptops and computers. In eLearning, the student interacts with teachers and colleagues direct with on-screen information that is readily available.

In addition, teachers can also teach students innovative classroom teaching methods in real-time. They can achieve this through live stream or the use of group zoom meetings. However, teachers should remember that good online learning should be combined with an eLearning platform to track the students’ progress.

Utilizing big data available on the internet

In carrying out educational research technology and development to cater to the students’ needs, you need to personalize the learning experience. Due to COVID 19 pandemic, there are several data available for use. The instructional designers now have the much-needed information about students to modify and present the platform correctly. As a teacher, before you use these recent educational technology trends, you should check the learner’s feedback and ratings. Also, check on learner performance and enrollment.


At last, there is a lot that we should know as far as the recent educational technology trends are concerned. Technology has changed the mode of teaching and how students learn. eLearning has contributed a lot to educational technology research and development through increasing the accessibility to education for learners.

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