Top 10 Educational Podcasts That You Should Listen To

Listening to the best podcasts to learn something new is worth your time. Special education podcasts; helps you to learn new ideas on educational topics that add more knowledge to you. The good thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them when doing something else; listening to a history podcast while on your way to market. Also, you can listen to it when while on your domestic chores.

The following are some of the top 10 best free educational podcasts to help you learn something new:

  1. Weathercast

Climate cast is one of the higher education podcasts you should use to learn something new. The climate cast podcasts have knowledgeable guests who are vast with knowledge on climate. This podcast is rich with the impacts of climate change in the world. The benefits of listening to educational podcasts equip you with the knowledge of science with its topic clearly and factually. The episodes in this podcast are brief, timely, and are suitable for any schedule to keep you abreast on climate research and development.

  1. Encyclopedia Wommanica

Encyclopedia wommanica is one of the higher education podcasts you wouldn’t want to miss. This podcast focuses on various women who have achieved a lot and dominated the historical narratives. One of the uses of podcasts in education; encyclopedia Wommanica helps you learn and analyze feminists’ theories and criticize them. This podcast is rich in the contribution of various incredible women who have contributed a lot to fields. These women include poets, mathematicians, and civil rights activists. Each episode in the podcast is for one woman at a time.

  1. Stuff you should know

The stuff you should know podcast contains everything you should know regardless of your interests; culture. This podcast is one of the best higher education podcasts in the world. The experts in this field run the show. They ensure that you can see the benefits of listening to educational podcasts. They cover topics that make the show more interesting hence attracting listeners.

  1. Revisionist history

Do you wish to learn out loud podcasts? Revisionist history is one of the best free educational podcasts that focus on overlooked and misunderstood things. Revisionist history, being the best podcast to learn something new, this podcast intertwines ostensibly critical threads together and produces a unique yet powerful thesis. The podcast takes a specific historical moment and then uses the opportunity to enlighten the listeners on the human experience.

  1. Radiolab

Radiolab is one of the special education podcasts you should read. Radiolab is a program syndicated nationally to investigate philosophical topics and scientist range. This podcast ensures that these topics are accessed easily. The show in this podcast is created uniquely with creative sound design, rhythm, and design.

  1. The Urbanist

The urbanist podcast is one of the uses of podcasts in education to build advanced cities. This podcast focus on issues affecting the urban city. It covers topics such as the effects of private development on government spaces.

  1. Making Gay History

Making gay history is a podcast that focuses on the rights of LGBTQ+ activists. The podcast interviews various advocates who give insights on the gay rights movements. The episodes in this podcast are cozy, raw, incomplete yet powerful.

  1. Overhead at National Geographic

This podcast is for those listeners who love adventure. The benefits of listening to educational products such as overhead at national geographic are that it gives you information on the best tourism sites you would like to visit. This podcast will also give you an insight into the wild and the complex world.

  1. Ninety-nine Percent Invisible

99% invisible podcast focuses on the ignored architecture and design that form the world. The podcast is informative; produced by experts to attracts the attention of the listeners. It is rich with information for those who are design-minded.

  1. Ear Hustles

Ear hustles is one of the best podcasts to learn something new. It focuses on the realities that people face inside a prison. The podcasts dispel myths and inform the listers how life looks like for the prisoners. It illustrates some challenges the prisoners go through as sharing beds and finding it hard to be accepted in society.


The article above has focused on the best podcasts to learn something new. Read through them to know the uses of podcasts in education and the benefits of listening to educational podcasts. Utilize it!

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