5 Effective Ways to Study According to Science

Have you experienced the disappointment of reading all night for an exam only to forget all that you have read the following day in the exam hall? This has been the fate of many students. How can you efficiently manage your time while you are studying for your tests or exam? Five scientifically proven strategies can be applied to achieve the results that will take your reading time effective.

Avoid procrastination

This is enemy number one that students must deal with if they wanted to achieve expected success. The time to start preparing for the exams is the first day of the lecture. Do not make the mistake of waiting for the night before the exams to start your preparation. Spread things out and you will surely achieve the desired success that will make you more effective with your study time. 

This calls for a disciplined approach on the part of every student. Get a timetable for your studies that you are going to follow with religious seriousness.

Practice more

Another scientifically proven to be effective strategy is practice. Go down to work by taking your pen and paper to practice what you are learning. Do all the homework you are assigned carefully because it is a great source of practice too. Do not depend solely on the soft copy from your device but rather take it up by getting to write down the questions and test your level of preparedness by taking a shot at answering the questions. Practice tests will make it easier for your mind to recall new info during your exam.

Mix related subjects

Another error committed by a student that will stand between them and effective learning is interleaving. When a student concentrates on a particular topic (because of the love for the topic) at the expense of other topics; it is an open invitation to ineffectiveness. The idea of studying one topic before moving to another will not help matters. Let there be a mix of some sorts in your study plan and you will get the desired results.

Practical examples

The study of science is all about applications to real-life situations. When you study a topic, find a way of applying it to your own practical life experience. It will make recalling what you have learned easily at the end of the day. However, you must be careful with this method or you risk getting carried away by issues that are of less importance to your study. You are going to be in total command and it will be easy to recollect what you have learned because they represent what you can see around you.

Improve understanding

You cannot do away with memorizing some rules in science but that does not mean that you should memorize the text. It is only when what you have read the pass and sinks through you that you can achieve expected results. Make sure you read to understand the text, not read to memorize. 

Do not repeat what you have learned mindlessly; rather understand the concept behind each topic and try to put the description of what you have read in your way. Make sure you understand every assignment you get for homework, otherwise ask somebody to help you with it. That will aid betting understanding of any text or task.


The five tips are excellent strategies that science students can adopt to score an A in all their courses. They are sure ways of exploiting any course to the best advantage.

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