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Podcasting for Teachers Book

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"Video in a Digital World"

Video, Video, Video! - Changes of Heart/Changes of Art - Short Takes on the Digital Life of Millennials…and Video, Video, Video!

What? - A Change for PFT?
What, a new podcast from Kathy & Mark???
Fall is here and change is in the air…There'll be some changes for sure!

Announcing a new generation of podcast PD with the launch of The Teachers Podcast
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episode of PFT
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ED TECH Podcasting for Educators

Podcasting Book by Kathy and Mark

Podcasting for Teachers Book

By Kathy and Mark!

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PFT Episode #102:

"Video in a Digital World"

Video, Video, Video! - Changes of Heart/Changes of Art - Short Takes on the Digital Life of Millennials…and Video, Video, Video!

After an unexpected podcasting hiatus, this week Mark and Kathy find themselves immersed in a world of educational opportunities defined by digital video. The timing is perfect for reflecting on changes in the intellectual/educational environment as they share their plans for how they'll change their podcasting activities, deepening and enriching them with major changes soon to come!

Announcing the birth of The Teachers Podcast
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  • XO in the field (the One Laptop Per Child device)
    a CBS '60 Minutes' video online
  • School uniforms track kids
  • Tots Getting Internet Identity at Birth
  • Educators assess iPhones for instruction


  • SciVee: The YouTube For Science Research Papers
  • Online Video Shoot-Out: Beats YouTube
  • Chart: Top 10 Video Sharing Sites
  • David Bellel's Google Map-based Humanities Resources

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'Podcasting for Professional Development:
Innovative Strategies for Syndicated Success'

Was a great success, thank you to all who came to meet us and have a great learning time with us!

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Transformation Education LLC

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About the MS in Adult Education and HRD Program at

Fordham's Graduate School of Education

The Adult Education and Human Resource Development Master’s program at Fordham University is designed to meet the needs of those persons who are responsible for staff development, training and human resource development of adults in educational settings. We have a special concentration in technology training and working with teachers as adult learners!

Successful ONLINE Study Program Launches Summer 2007

Professor, Dr. King's return to her full time faculty appointment in the Graduate School of Education has enabled us to launch our courses in an online format to students around the globe. We have skilled and internationally known faculty in not only adult learning and its related research, but also experts in and experienced distance learning,

If you have hoped to do your MS in Adult Education & HRD with us but,

  • had not been able to fit the night time classes into your schedule,
  • or you live far to distant to travel to campus weekly.

We now have a solution!

Our online study option provides the opportunity to be enrolled in the same Fordham program with the same professors, however you also have the flexibility and convenience which online learning provides.
Our brochures are available for download and printing at

Program Highlights

In order to meet student needs in the diverse field of adult education, this Master’s program provides an opportunity to make flexible choices of courses. The program includes a basic core of adult education courses and a student- selected concentration of three courses. This is truly a personal curriculum developed with the guidance of your advisor.

We truly appreciate diverse and multiple perspectives within this program. Fordham's Master's in Adult Education and HRD program has student representatives from a wide variety of adult education and HRD programs and settings across the city, the nation and the world.In recent years we have had international students from Ghana, Sri Lanka, Belize, Dominican Republic, and Russia to name a few. We are committed to cultivating and sustaining a learning community that is learner-centered, multicultural and forward-looking.

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